BDSM- Mistress Angel

I  am experienced in domination and thoroughly enjoy what I do. You will be comfortable in my presence even if you are visiting a mistress for the first time. I may well rule you with a rod of iron, but I am also approachable, a good listener and have a sense of humor. I have many fantasies and can accommodate your particular needs so we will both be completely satisfied in every session. I derive much pleasure from the control and domination of men; particularly naughty boys who need to be spanked. I enjoy dominating and yes I am top and I can be " a hard top if you pegged me ".   I offer deferent service indulging cock and ball torture and sensation play, but my love of domination is not restricted to just these pleasures… For a taste of what else you can enjoy with me keep reading….   Novices Don’t worry if you are shy. I am experienced with those new to BDSM and am very approachable. You do not need to feel embarrassed about your fetishes, fantasies, and desires; I will help you to feel comfortable. It is fine to discus

s your needs with me, we can chat if you like and it’s also OK to let me do all the talking. I can offer taster sessions. Complete beginners and the curious who just want to have a dabble, can come and see what it’s all about. I can advise you on what is available, and on the direction, you may wish to take for your ultimate pleasure. Remember sessions don’t always have to be about pain, they can be very soothing, exciting and erotic. All you need to do is to make the initial phone call. After that, if you prefer, you can email me instead. Now’s the time to pick up the phone……..   Sissy/Slut Feminisation Partial or full dressing services are available. May be you want to wear panties and stockings, or may be you want a complete transformation. Whatever your desire, I can fulfill it. Full or partial makeovers can include makeup, wigs, nails, and complete outfits from my huge collection. I have all manner of outfits for tarts to virgins, office girls to frilly floozies. I will dress you up and treat you like the sissy or slut you are.   Hygiene I take hygiene very seriously, considering it of the utmost importance. Everything is kept scrupulously clean. Dungeon implements are cleaned before and after use and all furniture is wiped down. Insertables are frequently replaced. They are always covered with condoms and thoroughly cleaned